Sustainability… it’s OUR Sustenance

At Charge! We are driven to offer product options that allow our customers to shrink their ecological footprint through the enabling distributed energy. Energy Storage not only grants self-sufficiency but also reduces demand on grid systems benefitting the entire local grid community.

This in turn reduces the need for creating additional “Peaker plants” by the utility companies… in many cases reducing the consumption of coal and fossil fuels. Charge! products increase renewable energy smoothing so the volatile output of solar and enables the transition to far more widespread adoption of renewable energy.

Furthermore, our strategic supplier partnerships are sought with organizations to further the development of sustainable technologies. As a proud partner with Dynavolt Power Technologies and FGY Energy Storage Research Institute we surround ourselves with numerous patents and international environmental accomplishments in the manufacturing of the products as well as their positive environmental effectiveness to our customers.

By adhering to these principles we strive to be a positive contributor of sustainable growth in our industry.
As a company our team is committed to a green vision that promotes environmentally responsible products, processes, and partnerships.

Charge! Energy Storage, we power your life by providing industry leading advancements and high quality products integrated with affordable power solutions.
Together, let’s Charge! onward…

Charge! Energy Storage Inc.
“Power your Life”