StationaryCharge!’s stationary energy storage systems will feature our advanced low-cost battery management system (BMS) and charge controller (CC) control electronics solution.

Featuring an intuitive graphics display and programmed for maximum energy harvesting and storage, our stationary system will make Energy Storage easy, optimized and dependable.

Most battery management systems and charge controllers have three main problems. One, they are separate units that are not optimized to work with one another. Two, because they are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions they rarely are designed to take advantage of the newer, more advanced battery technologies available. Three, there is no absolute control of the CC by the BMS.

Charge! saw these problems and did something about it.

Our design houses both the CC and BMS under one roof and is programmed to complement each unit’s functions, while at the same time being specifically designed for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistries.

Because the CC and BMS are integrated into the same circuit we were able to design the BMS to have absolute control of the CC, thereby maximizing performance of the unit as a whole.

Utilizing protection and safety circuitry that sets it apart from the competition, our system features a careful board layout, the addition of surge suppressors, over voltage and current protection and thermal protection for both the circuit and battery pack.

Specifically designed for power-dense and long life LiFePO4 battery chemistries, our system builds off these advanced batteries and through careful design we have ensured that not only will our system work with LiFePO4, but Li-ion and any new battery chemistry coming into popular use, which makes our control electronics solutions truly “Future-Proof”.

While other energy harvesting and storage companies are struggling to keep LiFePO4 packs balanced and healthy, Charge!’s advanced CC and BMS circuit topology and control algorithms guarantee maximum system efficiency.

Featuring a single PC board that serves as our software development platform this design will allow us to eventually offer update contracts as upgrades and system enhancements become available.

Our stationary energy storage system is currently in testing and test-bed sites are under review.