Hybrid Energy Storage System 3.7kW/4.6kW
This system connects to any type of solar panel system and has guaranteed long service life with either our lead-acid or
LiFeP04 battery option. Its adaptable split design offers the option to wall mount either the hybrid inverter and/or the battery
pack. The clean cabinet design includes a visual display window on the battery system with optional phone app to view
performance and alarm indicators with smart switch to move from on-grid to off-grid. The electricity provided by the PV (or
any type of renewables source) power the required loads first while also charging the batteries. When both of these demands
are met, it sends excess energy back to the grid for earning money!


  • Adaptable high-efficiency MPTT controller.
  • Can be programmed to help with demand shifting.
  • Provides electricity during black outs, rolling brown outs, and outages from the grid.
  • Surplus solar energy is fed back into the grid for earning you money.
  • Full range of reliable protection with long-lasting, safe, and dependable performance.
    Extended warranties available.





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