Off-grid Household Energy Storage System SkW/ I OkW

This household energy storage system is a scalable energy storage system capable of managing your renewable source, be
it solar or wind. The clean design offers the option of built-in wall inverter or a wall-mounted inverter split system. Supported
by our safe, environmentally-sensitive long service Lithium batteries providing more stability, the speed to be UPS in the
household, and longer back-up power for periods of time off the grid. Energy smoothing, load shaving, and programmable to
utilize battery storage so to avoid Time Of Use (TOU) additional charges and grid dependency.


  • AI l-in-one cabinet integrated design or split type inverter wall-mounted.
  • Can be programmed to assist with demand shifting.
  • Provides electricity during black outs, rolling brown outs, and outages from the grid.
  • Surplus renewables energy is fed back into the grid for earning you money.
  • Easy operation with man-machine interface.
  • Efficient energy conversion with stable pure sine wave and alternative current output.
  • Full range of reliable protection with long-lasting, safe, and dependable performance.





Residential-Off-Grid-5kw10kw-2_001 Residential-Off-Grid-5kw10kw-2_002