powersysPowerSys® is a developer, licensor and manufacturer of breakthrough technologies designed to substantially improve the way Micro grid and Hybrid Power Systems generate and manage power – leading to more fuel efficient systems that have capability to fully integrate renewables as well as a substantially cleaner world.

dougDoug Koeneman

30 years relevant industry experience

Specializing in technology integration and performing relationships.





Ed Woods

20+ years energy industry experience

Supports technology and business development in power generation.




Our technology enables the most efficient utilization of our limited energy resources, while allowing the ability to realize the full potential of integrating renewables.

In short – “Energy. Optimized.

Our products and technologies, embedded into systems we sell and of the products of licensees, allow for the optimization of energy by managing its flow and determining how it is best utilized.


To have the “PowerSys®” brand be the standard for power technologies in the markets with which we choose to participate.

The “PowerSys®” brand will provide assurance that connected systems will interact seamlessly to ensure energy is managed to maximize utilization of renewables and provide a sustainable model for overall system uptime, reliability & security.