Charge! covers a vast number of products markets with its Stationary markets we serve include commercial, industrial, mining, indoor growers / food and beverage producers, telecom and auto dealerships.

–      Our product suite of energy storage system solutions are compatible with your environment with their clever “technology-neutral design” and are scalable from kW to mega-watts. Our platform provides power conditioning, energy storage, power generation and energy management controls that survey, assess, diagnose & optimize all sources and demands including renewables, EVs, the grid and other systems.

–      Charge! lithium-ion chemistry battery systems including “The Fifth Element” are the benchmark in safety and performance with the confidence of a 10 year warranty.

–      Charge! supports you with lighting systems that can retrofit in to your existing system that will double your foot-candles while decreasing wattage consumption by up to 70%. Again, a ten year warranty