Containerized Solar Energy Storage System

FGY containerized solar energy storage system consists of LiFePO4 battery modules,bidirectional converter, BMS, back-ground monitoring management system, transformer. The complete system is controlled by monitoring management system, with the assist of net’s coordinating each part’s work,it achieves the function of smooth power output, peak load shifting, frequency regulation, emergent response to transient power output, emergent support for transient voltage. Therefore it provides the power station comprehensive and complete power quality solution.

This system could be widely applied in wind plants, solar power plants, conventional power plants and micro-smart grid, it is an ideal green energy storage system product.



  • Large capacity of LiFePO4 battery and 96% high energy conversion efficiency.
  • New technology of dynamic balance battery management system could auto-complete battery’s
    maintenance quickly and meet the demands of different places.
  • Comprehensive,multi-layered battery’s protection strategy and faults guarantee measures make
    sure energy system’s safe application.
  • Container installment, modular considerably, easy construction, convenient installment and
  • Euipped with automatic fire-alarm system, intelligent temperature& humidity testing and
    sound-light alarm function.