gltinfo-3Globalink is a robust state of the art wireless control system that is simple to operate for eHID and LED applications.

A Single GlobaLink gateway controls up to 20 0 lighting controllers wirelessly.  Link multiple Gateways together, and operate thousands of lighting controllers and other preprogrammed schemes from one cloud based interface.

GlobaLink allows you to control any device with 0-10V loads.  From lighting equipment, to motors, to pumps and more.


Global Advance enables businesses to choose to preserve preciuos capital imporvement dollars without waiting to proceed with a lighting retrtofit that will produce immediate measurable results.

Preserved Borrowing Capacity.  Keeping your energy products off of revolving financing preserves your borrowing capacity for other opportunities or needs.

No Expenditure of Budgeted Capital.  You can eliminate capital expenditure for your product by applying energy cost savings over a period of time to cover the project costs.gltinfo-6

Our products generate brighter clearer, longer-lasting light at a lower cost than any competing technologies currently available.

Global Light & Technologies products are subject to stringent quality standards, and come with a  comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty to meet the most rigorous industry standards.







gltinfo-2_001GLT range of propietory Ultra Efficient ballasts are designed to maximize the efficeincy of the highest quality Ceramic Metal Halide lamp on the market.  They are the most effective solutions for applications where outstanding color quality, aestehetics of illuminated objects, quality of light and lumen speread and long, maintenance-free lighting is important.

Amazing improvements are realized ofer traditional magnetic and electroic HID ballast systems.  A microprocessor finely controls all aspects of the lamp functionality.  A soft-start ignition process;  high frequency operation;  antiresonant arc circuit and other proprietary technologies offer the most significant improvements in lamp parameters over that of any other technology on the market today.

Recommended Replacemant Chart Performance Data
MH or HPS GLT Replacements Lumens Lm/w Mesopic Lm/l
150 Watts 45 Watts 4,950 110 7,920 176
200 Watts 60 Watts 7,200 120 11,520 192
250 Watts 90 Watts 10,450 116 16,720 185
400 Watts 140 Watts 16,500 118 26,400 188
400 Watts 210 Watts 24,150 115 38,640 184
1000 Watts 315 Watts 38,700 123 61,920 196
1000 Wats 375 Watts 47,000 125 75,200 200