Introducing the “FIFTH ELEMENT”

FifthElement3 2V-200Ah-2-002

Available as a 3.2V/200Ah or 6.4V/100Ah

The Fifth Element”is a LiFePO4 battery module which can be in free series and parallel composition of different sizes and shapes so as to meet different configuration environments. The interlocking stackable system and plug-in installation makes for secure connections, ease of assembly, removal and restructuring of the monomer module. The integrated body design promotes natural air-flow for cooling and a more consistent temperature environment, furthering longevity and a lower maintenance cost. Industry leading high-reliability power supply in an ideal green energy storage battery system.

The “Fifth Element” provides intelligent design that grants power, security and seamless integration of renewable and traditional sources of energy be it for peak shaving or emergency back-up.

Battery Module Specifications:

Item Specification
Rated capacity/ Ah 200@0.2C5A
The minimum capacity/ Ah 200@0.2C5A
Nominal voltage/V 3.2
AC resistance(1kHz AC)/ mΩ <2.5
Standard charge 40A to 3.6V CC/CV,4A
Standard discharge 40A to 2.5V
Fast discharge 100A to2.5V
Charge Temperature/℃ 41 ~ 113F
Discharge Temperature/℃ 4 ~ 113F
Maximum charging voltage/V 3.6
Discharge lower limit voltage/V 2.5
Storage Temperature/℃ -22 ~ 104F
Storage humidity <85%
Depth of Discharge 90%
Cycle Life 4,000+
Mechanical Dimensions(W*H*D) 4.5 x 5.2 x 11.1in (114*130*280mm)
weight 13.23 lbs.
Discharge and Charge Efficiency 90%
Total Energy Capacity (kWh) 0.64kWh

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