Charge! Energy Storage has set out to accomplish a simple objective: to create value through innovative approaches with electric creation, storage and effective consumption of that energy.
One problem with electricity is that it is shackled to the grid. Alternative energy has long been a dream of our society and we are just realizing that extracting the energy is but one piece of the power puzzle. “It’s one thing to capture power created through renewables, it’s another to store, distribute and consume wisely that energy.”

Charge! has launched the crusade, backed by an ever growing collection of ingenious products, to transform both the options of power source and the efficiency in which electricity is consumed.
Our roots begin as a designer and developer of GIIRS-rated portable Energy Storage devices for residential and commercial applications. As we graduated in to lithium-ion chemistries we then developed our own integrated BMS & Charge Controller.

Today we’ve expanded to global strategic alliances that provides us with patented industry leading solutions to deliver clean stationary and portable electrical energy… from personal use applications up to Megawatt industrial projects. We have made a broad reaching commitment to create reliable and affordable hi-tech energy storage solutions for all commercial and residential applications.

The result with Charge! is a technology suite that delivers the highest industry advancements in Energy Storage, Batteries and Lighting. Our clients enjoy optimal performance metrics while being granted the lowest total overall energy cost solution.

Charge! Energy Storage Inc.
“Power your Life”